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Dyeing Auxiliaries

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Dyeing Auxiliaries Importer

As a known Exporter and Supplier, we deal in Dyeing Auxiliaries, Textile Dyeing Auxiliaries etc. We procure these Dyeing Auxiliaries only from the reputed manufacturers or vendors after checking on various quality parameters to ensure defect-free product at buyer’s end. Buyers can obtain bulk quantities of Dyeing Auxiliaries at very affordable rates from us. Owing to our fast transit facilities, we are able to deliver the orders within the promised time frame.

Wetting Agents

Primasol NF : Anionic salt of a phosphoric acid ester
Low-foaming wetting and de-aerating agent for continous and batch dyeing processes on cotton and PES/CO blends. Improves the penetration and levelness of the dyeing.

Primasol PAD : Anionic salt of a phosphoric acid ester
Universally applicable, low-foaming padding auxiliary for continous and semi-continous dyeing processes; wetting and de-aerating agent for dyeing cellulosic fibres and their blends.

Levelling Agent for Cellulosic Fibres

Unipersol O Micropearl : Nonionic fatty alcohol polyglycol ether
Versatile dyeing auxiliary, to improve the levelness in dyeing wool and cellulosic fibers.
Agent for degreasing and scouring textile materials in acid dyebaths

Peregal P : Dye-affinitive, oligomeric condensation product
Non-foaming levelling agent for vat dyeing by exhaust process. Improves levelling-out, reduces the dye absorption rate and promotes dye penetration.

Combined Dispersing and Levelling Agents for Polyester Fibres

Basojet PEL conc.: Liquid, APEO - free, preparation of fatty acid ethoxylates and condensation products
Combined dispersing and levelling agent for acid PES dyeing. Basojet PEL Cone. greatly reduces deposition of oligomers on fibers and machine parts, thus reducing associated problems and improving the sewability of yarns.

Levelling Agents for Polyester Fibres/Blends

Palegal FB SF : Mixture of aliphatic esters with nonionic and anionic compounds
Levelling agent for dyeing PES fibres under high temperature (Hl) conditions. Ensures synchronous exhaustion of disperse dyes, promotes levelling-out in the HT phase, minimizes marking caused by variations in the affinity of the material.

Levelling Agents for Wool/Polyamides

Uniperol FB 501 : Amphoteric mixture of ethoxylation products
Versatile, low foaming levelling agent for low temperature dyeing of wool, polyamide, silk and their blends.

Unipersol FB SE : Mixture of non ionic and cationic surfactants
Levelling and synchronizing agent for dyeing of wool, polyamide, silk and their blends.

Stripping and Lightening Agents for Cellulosic Fibres

Albigen A : Polyvinylpyrrolidone solution
Strongly dye affinitive stripping and levelling auxiliary for vat, sulfur, direct and reactive dyeings. Levelling agent with retarding action in dyeing with vat and direct dyes. Prevents staining of the ground when prints produced with direct and reactive dyes are washed off.

Levelling Agents for Polyamide / Acetate Fibres

Unipersol AC high conc : Slightly cationic ethoxylated fatty amine
Prescouring agent for yarns and fabrics composed of acetate, triacetate, polyester and polyamide. Levelling agent in dyeing wool and polyamide with anionic dyes. Levels out uneven dyeing and brightens faulty dyeing. Also used in the reductive clearing of dyeing and prints with disperse dyes on triacetate and polyester.

Dispersing Agents (Protective Colloid) and Sequestering Agents

Dekol SN : Liquid Anionic Acrylic co-polymer
Dispersing, sequestering agent and protective colloid in the dyeing of cotton and cotton/synthetic fiber blends with vat, reactive, direct and sulfur dyes. Non-foaming and non-retarding. Prevents impurities in cotton (pectinates, waxes and water-hardening substances) from redepositing on the material and their formation of dye adducts with these impurities. Highly effective auxiliary for washing off hydrolysates from dyeing and prints with reactive dyes.

Dekol SNS : Liquid, anionic acrylic copolymer
Dispersing agent, protective colloid and complexing agent for use in all stages of the dyeing process for cotton and blends of cotton and other fibres.

Decol F-SN-H : Polyacrylate mixture of complexing and dispersing agents
Hard-water stable, dispersing and sequestering agent in the dyeing of cotton or cotton/synthetic fibres with reactive dyes. It is particularly suitable in dyeing processes where the electrolyte content of the process water is high

Complexing and Sequestering Agents for the Dyebath

Decol FB SAD : Liquid anionic sequestering agent
Sequestering and dispersing agent, prevents variations in shade and depth of shade caused by Ca2+ and Mg2+ in dyeing CEL with reactive dyes.

Dispersing Agents and Protective Colloid

After treatment Agents for Polyster Fibres

Cyclanon ECO : Solution of sulphinic acid derivatives
Liquid reducing agents for post-clearing dyeing with disperse dyes on PES, PES/PAN and acetate. Added directly to the acid dyebath. Avoids the double pH change of conventional post-clearing.

Cyclanon ECO Plus : Solution of sulphinic acid derivatives
Liquid after treatment agent for post-clearing dyeing with disperses dyes on PES, PES/PAN and acetate. Added directly to the acid dyebath. Avoids the double pH change of conventional post-clearing.

After treatment Agents for Cellulosic Fibres

Cyclanon ERL : Aqueous solution of a polyquaternary compounds, formaldehyde free
After treatment agent for dyeing and prints produced with reactive and direct dyes and indigo. Particularly improves the wash fastness ratings.

Cyclanon FIX : Aqueous solution of a cationic polymer, formaldehyde free
After-treatment agent for improving the wet and water fastness properties of reactive and direct dyeings and prints.


Setamol WL : Product of an anionic aromatic sulphonic acid
Liquid Non-surface active dispersing agent and protective colloid for the dyeing of polyster with disperse dyes and cotton with Vat, Indigo dyes.

Setamol WS : Anionic aromatic sulphonic acid condensation product
Protective colloid in dyeing with vat dyes and indigo. Dispersing agent in dyeing acetate, polyamide and polyester fibers with disperse dyes. Reduces staining of the white ground when washing off prints with disperse dyes on acetate, triacetate, polyamide and polyester. Effective in prevention of backstaining during denim washing.

Padding Auxiliaries

Primasol AMK : Non - surface - active acrylic copolymer
Foam-free padding auxiliary for preventing pigment migration in dyeing fabrics composed of cellulosic fibres and their blends with synthetic fibres by the pad-steam, pad-jig and thermosol processes. Improves adhesion of the padded dye to the fibre.

Primasol V : Liquid, acrylic copolymer
Padding auxiliary for the continuous dyeing of cotton, polyester and polyester/cotton piece goods. It prevents pigment migration and ensures uniform well-penetrated dyeing.

Oxidizing Agents

Ludigol AR : Anionic aqueous solution of inorganic salts
Low foaming oxidizing agent for dyeing with disperse, reactive and direct dyes that are sensitive to reduction, especially in fully flooded machine and with PES/CV blends.

Crease Inhibitors

Primasol JET : Non ionic high molecular weight polymer
Non-foaming lubricant and crease inhibitor for textile processing in rope dyeing machines. Improves the running properties, protects the fabric surface, prevents the formation of running creases, and increases the liquor pickup.

After soaping Agents for Cellulosic Fibres

Cyclanon XC-W : Dye affinitive polymer and non fibre reactive product
Universal after soaping agent for the removal of reactive dye hydrolysate. It has unique dye hydrolysate trapping capacity, (DTC) shortens presoaping rinsing baths giving savings in water & energy. Product gives consistant soaping performance even for water with high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). It ensures optimum fastness level even in difficult shades. Due to its unique DTG, Product can also be used in prewashing of yarn dyed knits, woven to prevent as well as to remove cross staining.

Vitexol K New : Non silicone mixture of aliphatic hydroxyl compounds containing an emulsifier
Antifoam, especially in dyeing knitted and woven fabrics composed of cellulosic fibers and their blends with vat, reactive and direct dyes.

Wool Auxiliaries

Basalon 2448 : Peroxysulphate compound
Chlorine free oxidizing agent for non felt, non yellowing finishing of wool.

Basaion 88 : Chloroisocyanurate salt
Chlorinating agent for antifelt effect for mild finishing of wool and in blends. Pretreatment of wool prior to printing.

Basaion AS-A : Combination of organic and inorganic salts
Inhibits permanent setting of wool by activating peroxide for antiset wool dyeing.

Basolan F : Formaldhehyde free cationic polyquaternary compound
Non felt finishing after pre-oxidation. Improves wet fastness for anionic dyeing on wool, silk and polyamide and polyurethane fibers.

Basalon MW Micro : Cationic aminopolysiloxane
Non felt finishing of wool, imparts soft handle by exhaust process after pre-oxidation or by padding in case of non-preoxidised wool.

PH Regulators

Eulysin FB DBC : Aqueous solution of dispersing and complexing agents with acids buffer system
Disperses and complexes hard-water ions, sequesters heavy-metal ions, sets the pH to an optimum value of 4.5 and is an efficient buffer.

Eulysin PC : Non volatile aliphatic carboxylic acid, pH regulator
Neutralizer and buffer used in dyeing and printing as a nonvolatile acid. Applied both in a long liquor and in continuous dyeing and disperse printing.

Binder and Auxiliaries for Pigment Dyeing by Padding

Helizarin Binder FB FWT : Aqueous dispersion of an acrylate copolymer
Thermally crosslinkable binder with a broad range of applications for pigment dyeing woven and knitted fabrics of all fiber types and blends in pale to medium shades. Dyed fabric has a very soft handle with good wash fastness properties as well as good fastness to solvents. Resin finishing can be carried out in the same step.

Perapret PU : Anionic polyurethane dispersion

Suitable as an additive in finishing and as a dyeing binder for woven and knitted fabrics of all fiber types. The Shades that it yields are much deeper than those obtained with Conventional Acrylic binders and have good fastness to washing and dry-cleaning.

Siligen FA : Nonionic ethoxylation product

Antimigrant for pigment dyeing or one-bath pigment dyeing and finishing. Improves the hydrophilic properties and gives a soft handle.

Vitexol PFA : Nonionic mixture of alkoxylates
Foam suppressant for combined pigment dyeing and finishing. Free of silicones and phosphoric acid esters. Prevents build-up of deposits on the pad rollers.

The System for Precise Polyester exahaust dyeing

Basojet XP : Mixture of anionic and nonionic products

The essential core product
Basojet XP, the basis of the dyexact XP range, is an effective APEO free leveling, dispersing, oligomer controlling and emulsifying agent, suitable for high temperature exhaust dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes. If offers a large number of economic and ecological advantages in the area of process control, process optimization and high levels of process reliability, i.e. Right-First-Time processing.

Palegal XPL- Levelling : Mixture of organic esters and nonionic emulsifiers
Palegal XP-L increases the leveling and migration performance of incompatible dyestuff combinations. Often these unfavorable combinations are selected for their performance to other criteria, for example metamerism, light fastness, wet fastness, cost, color constancy. Under these circumstances a higher degree of levelness can be difficult to achieve on the substrate without complicated and time consuming processing.

Setamol XP–D - Dispersing : Anionic Polymer
Setamol XP-D improves the dispersing characteristic of the system, and ensures an optimum dispersion of the disperse dye throughout the dyeing process. This prevents dyestuff aggregating and depositing onto the substrate during the dyeing process and forming spots and stains on the fabric. The inclusion of Setamol XP-D would primarily depend upon particular dyestuff characteristic resultant from poor manufacture.

Trilon XP-C-Chelating / Sequestering : Trisodium Salt of alkylglycinedlacetic acid
Trilon XP-C is highly bioeliminable and has been developed for effective use under acid and high temperature conditions. It effectively sequesters heavy metal, calcium and magnesium ions and should be used if the total water hardness of the water supplied to the dyehouse is above 5º English hardness (equivalent to 4º German hardness)

Uniperol XP-O - Oligomer Control : Ethoxylated olecic acid derivative
Uniperol XP-O prevents the build-up of deposits produced by oligomers released from the polyester fiber during dyeing. It keeps these oligomers finely dispersed, thus preventing both deposits on the substrate, which result in a "graying" of the fabric, and deposits within the dyeing machinery itself. The use of this product will depend upon the quality of the polyester being processed.


Albigen ABASF
Basalon 2448BASF
Basalon 88BASF
Basalon AS-ABASF
Basalon FBASF
Basalon MW MicroBASF
Basojet PEL Conc.BASF
Basojet XPBASF
Cyclanon ECOBASF
Cyclanon ECO PlusBASF
Cyclanon ERLBASF
Cyclanon FIXBASF
Cyclanon XC-WBASF
Eulysin PCBASF

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