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Optical Brightener

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Optical Brightener  Buyers

Optical Brightener that we export and supply is sourced from the trustworthy manufacturers or vendors present in the market. Our range includes Optical Brightener, Fluorescent Brightener, etc. We are the renowned optical brightening agent manufactured by BASF INDIA LTD, GERMANY. Our Optical Brightener is reasonably priced and can be obtained from us in bulk quantities. We also ensure timely delivery of the orders.

Fluorescent Brighteners

Ultraphor FB CA : Anionic stilbene derivative
High affinity fluorescent brightener for cotton, recommended for exhaust.

Ultraphor RN Plus Liq. : Styryl benzene derivative, nonionic
Optical brightener for white effects with slightly reddish tint on PES fibre and their blends.

Ultraphor SFR Plus Liq. : Styryl benzene derivative, nonionic
Stable, fluorescent brightener for polyester and blends. It has good fastness to sublimation.

Ultraphor TC Liq. : Synergistic mixture of styryl benzene derivatives
Stable, bluish violet fluorescent brightener for cellulose / polyester blends in all ratios. Stable in hydrogen peroxide bleaching bath. Good affinity at boil, without a carrier.

Ultraphor FB IN : Stilbene derivative nonionic
Cost economical optical brightener for polyester and its blends.

Phenolic Yellowing Inhibitors

Ultraphor AUX-NY : Synergetic blends of organic products
Permanent prevention of phenolic yellowing in packaged textile goods. For all fibres and mixtures of fibres, especially white and pastel textiles. Can be used in the exhaust or continuous process.

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